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these tools facilitate teaching and make it fun by adding different activities and games.

Education Tools

Green/Red Light

Green light/Red light is an activity that help teachers to control their classes especially during discussions where they can give each group the permission to talk by giving them the green light. When the red light is switched students will listen to the second point of view without talking.

 The efficiency of this method was proven even with higher grade students.

White Board

An online white board is a tool that allows students and teachers to collaborate, communicate, and share ideas in real time. Online white boards allow multiple people to draw, paint, and share ideas at the same time on a single digital canvas.

Spinning Wheel

Spinning wheel is an interesting activity that can be used to ask students different questions after giving them the opportunity to spin the wheel and the question will be randomly chosen.

Photo Editor

An Easy photo Editor tool where you can upload Images to edit them and add elements in order to create a professional photo